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from our amazing clients

Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.


937 Coffee Road, Suite 800
CA 95355

Lice Clinics of America -Modesto are welcoming the staff and manager are amazing. You feel comfortable when you are there. It is worth the money, they give you and your whole family piece of mind. They understand this can be a trying time for families, it can be Devastating. You are in and out, I was very happy with the amount of time it took. It was so much more time consuming at home treating it and combing it myself. I felt so bad for my child, it took me so much longer take care of it. I hope to see them again but only on the basis of getting they’re great prevention kits they offer picked mine up. I also love how they Offer screenings, if I’m ever doubtful I will definitely come here to get checked!*

Kristina D.Modesto, CA

This is the BEST facility! Extremely friendly staff, clean and neat location. The ladies here were great with my girls and made them feel at ease during this hectic process. Their knowledge of life was excellent and made us all feel confident that we were past the problem as we left. We will be back if we have to deal with this problem again!!*

Jeff C.Modesto, CA

This place is wonderful! The staff was awesome and did a wonderful job getting rid of our little “invaders” but they also had games for the kids to play while we took turns getting treated. The treatment was comfortable and we learned a lot about future prevention. I highly recommend coming here, especially if lice is an ongoing issue for you and your kids.*

Jennifer K.Modesto, CA

Lice Clinics of America - Modesto